Wellness Packages/Postpartum Care In Ayurveda

The child birth should be an event of joy and satisfaction. Maintenance of health of the women and wellbeing of the foetus is the aim of antenatal care. Series of events take place in the genital organs in an effort that take place in the genital organs in an effort to expel the viable product of conception out of womb through vagina into the outer world is called labour.

 Labour is called normal when the onset is spontaneous,at term,with vertex presentation,without undue prolongation,natural termination with minimal aids and without having any complication affecting the health of the mother and the baby. Expected mother always wishes to have a normal delivery which is valid and safe. Simultaneously with good maternal care during pregnancy and labour, foetus is also taken care of.

Now a day’s incidence of caesarean section is high due to cultural changes, more anxiety at the time of labor .Delivery is a very typical process in a woman’s life span. Every woman expects a normal delivery in her life, which is safe for her and the baby. Normal delivery is not only safe for the lady but also prevents post-partum complications. But, now a days, it is seen that due to changes of life style, culture, food habits and hectic schedule of working ladies, Caesarian Section has become a common occurrence in the society. Therefore, need is to adopt a procedure during pregnancy itself, that helps increase not only occurrence of Normal Delivery but also reduces problems after the delivery.

As Sutika kala(Postpartum period) is a critical period for women, it needs a proper management and care with Specific diet, Mode of life and Medicines. In Sutikakala, there is vitiation of vata, therefore it is most advisable to take vata shamana(vata pacifying) drugs. Abhyanga also plays most significant role to pacify vata dosha. During sutika kala, woman needs a special management and care for proper and healthy growth of new born baby as well as for maintenance of her own health. Specialized herbal oil is used especially for postpartum healing and cleansing including nasal therapy.