Terms & conditions


Presently we are having 20 rooms to accommodate the clients in three different categories, Deluxe, Premium and Superior. Our treatment team consists of three prominent Ayurveda consulting Doctors;

Dr. AshtavaidyanVaidyamadham Rajeev Namboothiri (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Dr. KottakkalRaghavaWarrier (Monday)

Prof.V. Vasudevan (Saturday)

 The service of Medical Officer and Resident Doctors are available.


We follow here the authentic and traditional Ayurveda principles and the treatments are decided by our senior consulting doctors after meeting the clients. The Medical Officer and resident doctors will supervise the treatments and day to day requirements of the clients are taken care, by interacting with the Senior doctors.

Internal medicines are integral part of Ayurveda treatment, even if the client does not have any health problem internal cleansing medicines are given to the clients. Here we use freshly made internal medicines every day for each Clients where by bottled medicines having the preservatives are maximum avoided. Even though the Ayurveda internal medicines are bitter in taste, taking the medicine will help in the result of the treatment.

If lab checkup is advised by the doctor, the lab assistant will be coming to the Mana and will be taking blood samples. The investigation report will be provided to you at the time of discharge. Lab charges will be paid extra and are not inclusive in package.

We are having experienced male and female therapists to do the external Ayurveda therapy, the therapists will come and take the guests to the therapy room every day on the allocated time, He/She will be given therapy dress inside the therapy room (as the body to be given therapy, only minimum cloth dress will be given), most of the time the duty doctors (male for gents and female for ladies) will supervise the treatments, as the therapist may not be that much capable in communication. It is requested for the Clients to raise the doubts to the doctors. After the therapy clients, the given oil/powder from the body will be wiped of and the client will be taken for bath. Medicated green gram powder will be used as cleaning agent to remove the oil, and if the client wants they can use herbal soap and shampoo. Mostly Kerala towels are given for usage as it is better for absorb the oil. The cloths and towel given to one Client will not be used for the other client. After the bath, a special medicated powder will be applied on the head to protect the client from getting cold and infection. Please follow the treatment time given, to make sure that other timings are not affected. No towels given in the Room, should be used for treatment purpose.

During the Ayurveda treatment days, the clients are requested to keep themselves in the room. As oil put on the head during treatment, moving out in the sun/rain will affect the health adversely. Clients will be having a head bath after the therapy (mostly once in a day). Taking head shower in the rooms are not recommended during the treatment days. Moving out from the Mana is recommended during morning hours and in the evenings. Please note during menstrual period time external therapies are not given to ladies.

Day time sleeping is not recommended during the treatment days. Clients who are taking other medicines are requested to inform the doctors; and only with the permission of the doctors such medicines can be taken

Cable television is given in all the rooms and the clients are requested to watch the same with minimum volume without disturbing others. Clients are advised not to go into other Guest rooms and use of mobile phones are allowed only outside.

Limited Number of books is available in the library,and you can contact the Reception for getting the Books. Free Wifi is available in the premises and the password can be received from Reception.

Yoga and meditation section are included in the Package and it is not a must that everyone should attend the same, however if the client is interested in this, can do the same after getting the permission from the doctors. If the client wanted to do this or learn this on a regular basis we will organize the same on extra cost.

Please note the total area in the Mana campus is prohibited for smoking, drugs, alcohol and outside food. If anyone violates this, they will be asked to check out from the Mana with immediate effect. The visitors can meet the Clients only with the permission of the management, and the visitors must obey the rules and regulations in the Mana.

All the clients must follow the rules and regulations of the Mana and are requested to cooperate with the management.

Pure vegetarian diet food is served in the Oottupura/Restaurant adjacent to the treatment room. The kitchen is open and only freshly made organic food are served. We use the vegetables and the fruits which are usable as per the Ayurveda principles and the clients are requested to cooperate with the vegetarian diet food. Please contact the resident doctors for any change required in the menu as they will assist you to get the best suitable food for you which is possible. Clients who would like to get the food in the room will be served the same. We use boiled herbal water in the Mana, which is better than the bottled water. If the clients are particular about bottled water it will be given on cost.

 Normally our packages cover all the meals that are breakfast, lunch and dinner; Other than the package if anything is ordered it will be charged extra.

Every day the rooms and the bathrooms will be cleaned by the house keeping staff, by changing the towels and the sheets as and when required.

Laundry services are provided, and the charges and delivery time are given in the list given to each room.

Safe deposit, locker is available in the reception/office. Please keep the valuable items in the safety locker. Management will not be responsible for the loss of any item kept in the room.

All the guests are requested to fill the GRC and the International guests to hand over the copies of passport, to be submitted to local authorities as per law.

Telephone (Local/STD/ISD) facilities are available in the Mana. Please contact the reception to know about the rates and available services.

Travel assistance/ Sightseeing and ticketing are available in the Mana on cost and for any assistance contact the reception.

Advance payment for admission is to be remitted on the check in time and the extras to be paid as a when or before the check out. Payments can be made by cash/card (Master and Visa), Bank service charges of 2.5% will be charged on extra on card payments.

All the guests are requested to switch off the power when they are leaving the room, and to use the water only to the requirements as to conserve them.

We are having a vegetable garden, Goat and cow farm near to the mana. Clients who are interested can visit these places.

Clients who wanted to go out from the campus should inform the Duty doctor/manager before doing so.