20 beautifully furnished spacious Heritage bed rooms in three categories, Deluxe (12 no’s), Premium ( 4 no’s) and Superior ( 4 no’s) with attached bathroom and toilets. Some of the classical features of Heritage rooms are:

Other features

All the rooms are decorated and furnished keeping in view to depict the ecstasies of the past, giving the guest a feel of the royal living.


Perumbayil Ayurvedamana holds a variety of books, interested for book lovers.


Private Herbal Garden

Ayurveda mana is been surrounded by rich vegetation of herbals and medicinal plants which can generate positive energy in your body and mind. Some of the herbs which you can find in the surroundings are Aambal, Arayaal, Asoka, Avanekku, Ayamodakam, Brahmi, Chempakam, Chemparuthi, Cherupunna, Inchi, Jaathi etc.,


Yoga Room

Yoga is a science as well as a method of achieving spiritual harmony through the control of mind and body. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yug, "to join" or "to unite" and indicates the total integration of the individual soul with the supreme soul to obtain relief from pain and suffering. The Asanas (Yogic postures) and Pranayama (control of breath) are practices that not only help to acquire perfect health but also to develop a calm and serene mind. The Asanas induce a sense of physical and mental relaxation. The yogic postures not only produce simple muscular actions but they also rehabilitate the various vital organs.

The practice of Asanas should ideally be followed by the Pranayama. (Pranayama is Yogic breathing where by the diaphragm rather than the upper chest wall, is moving.) The resultant breath is deep and oxygenates the lower portion of the lungs. Correct practice of Pranayama under the supervision of a competant Yoga teacher can dramatically reduce the incidence of Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinus problems and Colds.


Treatment Rooms

6 spacious treatment / massage rooms separate for ladies and gents. Attached with bathrooms , toilet and steam bath.


Pharmacy and Medicine Manufacturing

Fully stocked pharmacy and medicine preparing room for individual medicine preparation.


Kitchen and Dining area

Open kitchen (guest can visit any time) using organically grown vegetables manned by ladies from nearby area. Spacious Dining area serving individual diet requirements.

As we use Kansa Vataki Plates and Bowels for food serving in both the places which are having medicinal values as under:-

Kansa Vataki combains of three therapeutic metals