Ayurveda Therapies


It is considered as one among the poorvakarmas (preparatory procedures). It implies synchronized massage to the whole body or local body parts as per the condition of disease. It is one among the most common and effective therapy in Ayurvedic medicine. Useful in nerve disorders, aches and stiffness. It is usually done for 40 to 60 minutes depending upon the need.


It is a procedure of pouring liquid form of medicine like thailam (medicated oil) or thakram (medicated buttermilk) constantly for a time period of 50-60 min on forehead. It is helpful in treating nervous disorders, insomnia, mental stress, anxiety, migraine etc. Thakradhara is very effective in treating skin diseases and respiratory disorders.


It is a procedure of retaining warm medicated oil(thailam) in a cap like structure fitted on head. Normally this procedure will be done for 35-50 min for a time period of 7 days maximum. This is considered as one of the greatest treatment for head.

Swedanam(Steam Bath)

It is considered as one among the poorvakarmas (preparatory procedures). Usually the time period of Swedanam is, till the patient gets proper sweating all over the body. It gives a feeling of lightness, it is good for skin, helps to reduce the fats collected even on extremities.

Avagaha Sweda

It is a type of swedana (sudation)in which the patient is made to sit in a tub containing medicated liquid for a certain period of time.It is very helpful in treating uro genital,gynaec,anorectal diseases etc


This is also a type of swedana(sudation) in which steam of medicated milk is made to be exposed to face for a certain time.It is effective in treating facial palsy,dribbling of saliva,strengthening of facial muscles etc


It is a way of application of cotton dipped in luke warm medicated oil (thailam) on local body parts(head, lumbar region, cervical region, joints etc). The time period and medicine used for this procedure will be decided as per the condition.

Thalam / Thala Pothichil

Thalam or Masthishkya is keeping medicated oils alone or mixed with paste of drugs on the head. Application of wet medicated paste over the head and then covering the same with a processed plantain leaf is called as Thala pothichil. Both are very much effective in various psycho somatic disorders.

Chavitti Uzhichil

It is the massage done with foot after application of luke warm medicated oil on the body. It is done by a person who is well versed in kalari and marma chikitsa. It is very helpful in improving the general strength, tonicity of muscles, stamina, flexibility, weight reduction etc. It is a good remedy for low back pain related to disc problems(applicable only in certain conditions) and all other aches and pains.


This procedure is done here with medicated powder (choornam) mixed in mild hot thailam, in which this combination of medicines will be rubbed on the body surface with moderate pressure in prathilomagathi (opposite direction of normal massage). It is very useful in weight reduction.


It is a very effective treatment procedure introduced by traditional Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala for the management of severe pain and swelling due to diseases like gout, arthritis etc. It can be done with different forms of medications like thailam, amlakaanchi etc as per the condition.

Kizhi (Poultice)

It is also a special treatment procedure introduced by traditional Ayurvedic vaidyas of Kerala. Kizhi literally means medicated bolus. It is made by tying various forms of medicaments in cotton cloth piece and then applying this bolus to the parts required after heating. Based on the type of medicines there are many types of kizhis .

  • Ela kizhi(scrapped leaf bolus)
  • Kizhi can be made out of tying specially processed leaves of medicinal plants
  • Podi kizhi(powder bolus)
  • Navara kizhi[bolus made of navara rice prepared in medicated milk and kashayam(decoction)]
  • Manja kizhi

A special kizhi used in kalari marma chikitsa


It is the local application of medicated pastes over the body parts.


It is the local application of warm medicated pastes over required areas and covering it with medicated leaves and cotton cloth piece.


In this procedure, a pool of mild warm oil is retained for specific time period over specific areas as per the conditions. According to the body parts where Tharpanam is done, it is called in different names like,

  • Nethra tharpanam – on both eyes
  • Kati tharpanam – on lumbar region
  • Jaanu tharpanam – on knee joints
  • Greeva tharpanam – on cervical region

Filling of medicated oil in mild warm state inside the ears is called as Karnapooranam. It is a magical remedy in so many ear disorders like Tinnitus, itching inside ears etc.


It is a fumigation procedure done with dry forms of medicines and Ghrutham (medicated ghee) on required body parts like ears, surface wounds etc. It is done as an effective disinfective measure in some conditions.

Sneha Paanam

It the oral consumption of Sneham (oleos substances). Generally it is done with Ghrutham (medicated ghee). It is considered as an important preparatory procedure for the Panchakarma therapies (purification therapies) as well as it is considered even as a main procedure in treating severe disorders like infertility, psychiatric diseases etc.


It is the first among the five purificatory procedures (Panchakarma procedures). Shodhana or purification therapies are aimed at the removal of morbid humors responsible for diseases and to produce an ideal environment for the proper functioning of the body and better action of medicaments used.

By Vamana, or medicine induced vomiting, the bio-cleansing of accumulated vitiated humors in the upper gastro intestinal tract is done. It is very effective in gastric problems, respiratory diseases, sinusitis, skin diseases etc


It is a purificatory procedure used in eliminating the vitiated humors in more quantity with less stress. It is the purgation using specific medication for particular diseased conditions. It is very much effective in Jaundice, Skin disorders, Hemiplegia, Bronchial asthma etc.


Vasthi karma is the procedure by which the medicines in suspension form are administered through rectum or genitourinary tract using vasthiyanthra (specific apparatus for vasthi). It is one among the most important treatment modality in Ayurvedic science with a multitude of utilities and applications. This utility lies in the selection of drugs used in vasthi for specific conditions.

Based on the type of drug administered vasthi is of 2 types, Nirooha or Kashaya vasthi, in which decoctions of various medicinal plants are utilised and Anuvasana or Sneha vasthi, in which medicated oils or ghees are utilised. Also the vasthis are given in varying quantities as per the requirement of the disease. It is very much effective in almost all neurological and arthritic conditions, old age problems, debility, infertility etc


It is the nasal administration of medications. It is a very effective therapy for all systemic disorders especially those related with the head and neck. It is a proved effective therapy for psychiatric disorders.


It is the procedure of gargling with medicated oil,kashaya,saline water etc as a post procedure of nasya as well as individual treatment for oral diseases.


Raktamoksha is a unique parasurgical measure indicated in various diseases where gross vitiation of Rakta or blood is present. It is the blood letting therapy. Various means are utilised for the elimination of vitiated blood that play as an important causative agent for many systemic disorders. Venesection, leech therapy, Pracchana or scraping etc are utilised for specific conditions. Useful in skin disorders, Jaundice, tumors etc.


Powdered navara rice processed wit medicated milk or decoction and making it in a paste form, which is to be applied on the body for a particular time period according to specific conditions. (40 to 1 hour)

Katee pichu

In this the cotton is dipped in luke warm medicated oil (thailam) and the same is stick or kept over the lumbar region for a particular time according to condition. (40 to 1 hour)


In this procedure, a pool of mild warm oil or medicated ghee is retained for specific time period over specific areas as per the conditions for both eyes.

Yoni Pichu

Yoni Pichu is a therapy whereby clean sterilized cotton is dipped in medicated oil and placed within the vaginal passage. The sterilized cotton should be retained for a long time so that it exhibits action locally. The effect of the vitiated Dosha can be nullified. The dhaatu (tissues) can be strengthened. Ulcers if present heal, pain subsides and the local hygiene improves. This treatment is particularly useful in case of vaginal infections. The oil used helps to nourish and strengthen the uterine muscles. The pichu helps to hold uterus upwards and prevents its descent. Effective in vaginal infections, discharges, uterine prolapse,habitual abortion etc.

Yoni Kshalanam

Procedure of washing external genetalia as well as inner tract with specific sterilized apparatus using medicated kashaya as required for the diseased state.Very effective in ailment of leucorrhoea,genito urinary infections,infertility etc

Uttara Vasti

It is done after completion of menstrual cycle when the female genital tract is receptive to the administration of medicated formulation. A certain quantity of medicated oil or ghee formulation can be administered into the uterine cavity by means of specific sterilized instrument guided with a cusco speculum. It is done for a period of seven days with gradual increase of the dose of medicine.It is indicated in uterine disorders, bladder disorders, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhalgia, primary infertility etc

Hrid Tharpana

The procedure retaining the oil over the cardiac region which is indicated for cardiac problems.

Hrid Dharat

The ayurvedic panchakarma therapy for blockages in the heart. This procedure is for improving the exercise capacity of a failing heart.

Anda Sweda

This is a kind of ushma sweda. Indicated in post polio residual paralysis, traumatic conditions, spinal myelopathy etc.

Valuka Sweda

Sand particles are taken and heated over the pan and tied in bolus form which is to be applied to the affected areas for specific time according to conditions.

Pada Dhara

Pouring medicated warm oil over the feet( especially sole). Indicated in lower limb pains, insomnia etc.

Sarvanga Takra/Ksheera Dhara

In this medicated takra (buttermilk) or medicated milk is used in lukewarm condition, which is then poured in a systematic way over the whole body.

Jaloukavacharana (Hirudotherapy)

It's a procedure of medicinal leech application in curing blood related disorders like in varicose veins, acute gout infections etc.

Netra Dhara

Is a process of pouring liquid form of medicine (usually kashayam)in to the inner canthus of eyes from a desired height for recommended number of times according to the condition..

Jaanu Dhara

Is a process in which pouring of warm liquid form of medicines (usually thailam)on the surface of knee joint for a particular time period from a particular height…


Means application of liquid form of medicine as drops in to the eyes. Its very helpful in treating some eye diseases….