Do's and don'ts

Rest and Activity

Patients are requested to stay on the premises during the course of treatment and take complete rest. Afternoon naps, physical activity, exercise, stress and exposure to the sun are not encouraged. These activities will adversely affect the benefit of treatment.


Alcohol, Drugs and Cigarettes

Patients should note that the use of alcohol, drugs (of any description) and cigarettes is strictly prohibited at the Mana. These items are not available on site and patients are asked to respect this by not bringing these items on site when they arrive. Please do not bring with you any food items either as these will invariably not be a part of your treatment programme.

If any patient is found to be taking any of the above substances during their stay, treatment will be stopped immediately, the patient will be asked to check out the premises after settling dues. Patients should note that the use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes directly interferes with any benefit that may be gleaned through Ayurvedic medicine.



The Mana operates a strictly vegetarian kitchen, conducive to effective Ayurvedic treatment with the use of wholesome Naturopathy Ingredients, meats, fish, eggs, curd, pickles, heavy spices, ghee red chilly and raw fruits and vegetables will not be used in the kitchen at any time. A wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and every effort will be made to make the patients stay comfortable. (Please note many dishes involve the use of rice, pulses and coconut.)